Remembering Johnny Clegg

Johnny Clegg

Four new genre-based 20-track compilations to be released one each week starting on Friday 3rd April:

All recordings were newly remastered from the original mixes to create a compelling listening experience.

These compilations were originally planned to coincide with the Johnny Clegg Tribute concert. However, once the concert was postponed it was decided to go ahead and enable his fans to enjoy the music in the meanwhile. Johnny created such an amazing body of work in many genres, and these are playlists that will suit everyone’s moods at different times.

“Dancing Free” (April 3rd) will keep your toes tapping with classics like Dela, Cruel Crazy Beautiful World, Scatterlings of Africa, Kilimanjaro, Siyayilanda and Fever.

Dancing Free

“Celtic-Folk Influences” (April 10th) pays homage to Johnny’s early fascination with the combining of Celtic music with traditional Zulu music in songs like African Sky Blue, Sky People, Digging for Some Words, Spirit is the Journey and Circle of Light.

“Anthems” (April 17th) incorporates the ballads, big choruses and chants like The Crossing, Asimbonanga, Impi, Great Heart, December African Rain, Jongosi and Africa.

“Zulu” (April 24th) is a compilation of Johnny’s songs from Juluka’s two Zulu albums, plus other great Zulu songs like Mekhelwane, Inkunzi Ayihlabi Ngokumisa and Ubaba Akalele from Juluka, Moliva and Vezandlebe from Savuka, and Utshane Obulele and Nyembezi from his solo albums.

Only available in South Africa for now - International release coming soon.

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Johnny Clegg Crossing

It is customary in the Zulu culture that when a person departs this world that they be given a dignified burial to guide them back home. In the hearts of the Zulu people, Johnny Clegg, OBE, OIS (7 June 1953 – 16 July 2019), who was often referred to as ‘The White Zulu’, was recently bestowed the honour of a traditional ‘crossing’ in the heart of Zululand.

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